What is a laptop sleeve 14 inch?

You can buy a laptop sleeve 14 inch for a 14 inch laptop. But they are also sold a lot for a tablet. This way, you can protect your devices and take them with you wherever you go. Always read the reviews on the internet first. This way you can see what other people think of this sleeve. This can be a decisive element in the choice. But you can also see that different materials are used. Of course, you only want the best and this should be available. Depending on the thickness of the device you choose a certain kind of material.

Where to buy a laptop sleeve 14 inch?

Usually you can find a 14 inch laptop sleeve in a computer store. They also sell these sizes in laptops and tablets. The advantage of a store is that you can try the sleeve once. When you are on the road a lot, you also want to be able to take it with you. In these cases you quickly choose a soft one. These slide out the best. But do you want to protect it properly and firmly? Then it's best to choose a hardcover model. With these, laptops or tablets cannot fall and are well protected.

What can you do with it?

With a laptop sleeve 14 inch you can take your laptop anywhere. In most cases, you can also put the charger in the sleeve. This ensures that you can work on the go and this could also be possible from home. But also you buy it there protection of the laptop. It are often expensive amounts that you pay for the purchase. And even though you are careful with it, an accident can happen in a small corner. That is why a sleeve is often chosen to protect the device. But it also gives comfort and class. This all depends on the model you choose.

The advantages of a laptop sleeve 14 inch

A 14 inch laptop sleeve provides ultimate protection while traveling with your laptop. But it is also, just like a normal bag, a true fashion item. Besides that, you can also use it to carry other small devices. This prevents him from falling out. But it is also nice for children to take a book with them. They often use it as a toy bag. And it is a lot cheaper than a designer bag.

Different models laptop sleeve 14 inch

The 14 inch laptop sleeve comes in different models. You have it in a square version. The advantage of this square variant is that you can also put it in a backpack. But you also have a rectangular version. This one you can easily take under your shoulder. This is handy in public transport and when walking to the customer. You also have the choice between hard and soft ones. The soft ones have the advantage that you can easily take them out. Then you have the hard version which is better in terms of protection. So your device always remains in good condition. It is and always will be a personal choice.

How it works 

A laptop sleeve 14 inch is easy to use. You open the zipper and put your device in it. This ensures that the device is protected while driving or during a visit to the customer. But never forget to close the zipper. Then you run the risk of it falling out. Make sure that the hardcover is properly clicked on. This offers the best protection.

Why do you buy a laptop sleeve 14 inch?

You can buy a 14 inch laptop sleeve at your local computer store. But you can also buy it at a store like Kruidvat or Action. You can also order it online at many web shops. So it is not difficult to succeed. You can also look at reviews on the internet. This can help you to choose the right sleeve. You can also see how it goes with the warranty, etc. But in the end, the best thing is to be able to feel the product. You can then always order the product online.

For which devices is the laptop sleeve 14 inch suitable?

A 14 inch laptop sleeve is suitable for all devices with these dimensions. You can easily use it by unzipping the sleeve. Then you put your device in the sleeve and you close the zipper again. This way you can also use your favorite devices outside the door. If you choose for a hardcover, your device is protected very well.


A laptop sleeve 14 inch is available in many places. The choice is a personal matter. A hardcover model is often chosen. This offers a hard and solid protection. Also, your device will not fall out of the sleeve easily. The advantage of a soft case is that it is a bit lighter in weight. But both can be taken in the car or to your friends and family. Besides that they are available in different colors and models. Look what suits you best!

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