When you start measuring, you're going to know

By measuring a distance you are going to know what the distance is. This is the easiest way to explain it. We take as an example an x amount of tiles. These will fit x number of times in the floor. So you have to measure this exactly, otherwise it won't fit. Only when you know the exact measurements you go to the construction market. There you can order the tiles and have them cut to size. So now you know it will fit. During the installation it has to go well and everything has to fit together. If this is not the case, you probably measured wrong. But it's also possible that they don't exactly fit together. So check all the steps just to be sure.

What it can be used for

Measuring and knowing is used a lot in the world. Take as an example the door that is in your house. This has to fit and close exactly otherwise you will not have a proper functioning of the door. So you start by measuring all the measurements. You then show that to the doorman who is going to make a custom door for you. During installation you will see that it fits exactly. But it is also possible that it just doesn't fit. In that case they often plan or sand it on location. They do this for safety reasons if someone has not noted the measurements correctly. This happens more often than you might think. After all, you can't add anything to the door, only remove it.

The programme between measuring and knowing

In the programme between measuring and knowing, various researchers will have their say. They often share the results of their research with you. Starting with the measurement of, for example, sound waves or the distribution of water. By measuring this and keeping track of it, you gain insights. These insights give you the knowledge as it were. It is an educational program on television. This program is suitable for all ages. But since it is all about scientific things we recommend an age of 12 or older. You also need to understand what is being measured and how. This information is often not available at a young age.

What you can gain from this

Measuring and knowing will be useful all your life. Just think about filling a bucket. It usually holds about 5 litres. But that says nothing about the time it takes for the bucket to be filled. Because in every house the water pressure is different, the time will also often differ. You can find out by filling this bucket with water. So next time you'll know exactly how long it takes for 5 litres to fill the bucket. But you also know how much time it takes to fill 2 liters of water. The same goes for filling flower boxes. Also here you work with liters of potting soil. With all this information you can make a good planning. And this good planning makes sure you have enough spare time.

Knowing and measuring in a context

You can't know anything without measuring it. But you also can't measure anything without knowing it. You need information about how to measure something. With this information you learn even more, as it were. And so it builds throughout your life. We could not imagine a world without measuring things. But many people also want to know more. That is why there are more and more methods to find even more information.

Measuring things makes for knowing things

In daily life, you're much concerned with measuring and knowing things. You know that you can only put 3 shopping bags in the car. So you must ensure that you fill the shopping bags well. You do this by measuring in your head how you can stack things. By stacking it in the right way you can get more things in one go.

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