Can you stop working earlier?

There are many people who want to retire early because they would like to travel or have another ambition in life. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether you can retire early and whether it will be a big problem to stop working early. Many people make a mistake here, because it is very important that you have arranged everything well before you retire. This is because you did not retire at the legal age of 67. Retire early is not a good idea for everyone.

Up to 3 years earlier

Some pensions pay out earlier. This means that they can pay out your pension up to 3 years earlier than the age of 67. This means that you will have a pension 3 years earlier. However, you must take into account that the pension you have built up will be spread over several years. 

That is why it is so important that you find out if this is something for you, or if you can't make ends meet. That is why it is so important that you always find out everything first. Some pension benefits do not do this at all.

So you can start your retirement up to 3 years in advance, but it's important to figure everything out and see if you're ready for it if necessary. It could also be that it might be a better option to work less, but not to stop working completely. 

This is also an option that people often forget and many people are mistaken that it can be quite boring to stop working altogether and to do nothing for the rest of your life. Of course, this does depend on what your ambitions are. If you have many big ambitions, it's of course different than when you don't have anything else in mind that you can do.

Own money

You can also choose to save up a lot of money yourself before you retire. That way you can live off that money until you get your pension at 67. This way you will always have money because you have saved up all that money yourself. 

It is important that you know in advance that you have enough money to live on. Everyone gets by on a different amount. There are people who get by on twenty-five hundred euros, but there are also people who get by on fifteen hundred euros. This depends on how you want to manage your pension and whether you can manage on that amount at all. If you have all the fixed costs, this can be quite difficult. 

Therefore it is always useful to find out how much money you would like to have in the month and how much you should save for your retirement. There are many different calculations you can use for this and the internet is full of them. This means that it is very easy for you to determine how much pension you will need before you receive your real pension. 

This way you will know whether you can retire early and how much sooner you can do so. It could be that you want to retire 5 years earlier, but maybe you want to retire 10 years earlier. In that case you will need much more money than when you want to retire earlier and only need it for another two years.


You could choose to accrue a lot of leave in order to retire hundreds of weeks earlier. Since 2021 you can take 100 weeks leave, but before this was only 50 weeks. It is important to check if this is possible in your job and if there are any rules or regulations or if there is something in your contract that makes this impossible. 

 That is why it is very important to find out what your options are, but if you have found out what your options are, you can take up to 100 weeks leave until you retire. This means that you can actually retire two years earlier.

This is not an option for everyone. This is because you may have used this leave before, or you may need to use it earlier. Therefore, it is important that you know what works best for you. At the moment you need it, it can be very convenient that you have it.

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